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Interactive sandbox

Classes in the interactive sandbox of the center «Poidu Sam» are unique: the child simultaneously develops the psycho-speech sphere due to the training of an experienced speech pathologist Alisa Vladislavovna Nemtseva and motor skills, which are formed at this moment in the physical therapy classes. Such a powerful effect is achieved by using rehabilitation provisions which are recommended by the doctor Dmitry Muromov during classes in the sandbox. The uniqueness of the interactive sandbox is based on the use of a special mixture of kinetic and purified sand, rather than ordinary river sand. With the help of a computer program, various natural landscapes are projected on the surface of the sandbox: mountains, rivers, seas, volcanoes, ravines, etc. All this is a powerful motivator for the development of the child's psycho-speech and motor sphere. This activity is indispensable for children who are learning the position «on all fours».