Samara, Nikolay Panov st., 50
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Anna Gomina, Cherepovets


Due to a difficult pregnancy at 30 weeks, I had an emergency caesarean section… The baby did not breathe, the yolk held for 2 months, and he ate through a probe. Doctors gave a bad prognosis. Thank God Oleg survived. From birth, Oleg was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The doctors said that he would not see, would not hear, would not learn to eat himself, would not learn to sit – would be a cripple.
Rehabilitation and treatment of the baby started from birth. Unfortunately, there were no results. Being 1.5 years old, Olezhka did not hold his head, did not turn on his tummy, just laid, showing with his eyes and shouting what he wanted. Desperation covered our family with its head.
One of my friends recommended me to try the method of Dmitry Muromov. And we started working together with specialists of the medical center «Poidu Sam» in Samara. The results are visible to the naked eye. Oleg confidently holds his head, crawls on all fours, tries to sit on the floor himself, sits on a chair with support, develops intellectually, begins to speak.