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Marina Yakupova, Izhevsk


I want to share our story. My daughter Darina is 4.5 years old now (the review was written in March 2018). The diagnosis is cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia. The pregnancy was difficult, from 26 weeks until the birth, I was on bed rest. At 36 weeks, the water abruptly broke at night, and in 2.5 hours my daughter was born with a weight of 2600g and a height of 53 cm. She began to breathe immediately, there was a weak sucking reflex. We were put in the children's Department for 7 days to gain weight, and we were discharged home with a weight of 2800. The doctors said that everything is normal, there was no reason to worry, and at this point, we could have temporarily calmed down, if I did not get our discharge from the hospital with a diagnosis of cerebral ischemia of the 2nd degree. This aroused my suspicions and, after studying various sources, I found out that in most cases, if you do not take action in time, the final result is cerebral palsy. And we started our trips to the doctors, pills, injections, massages, osteopathy. Nothing brought success, everyone said that you need to wait, that everything is from prematurity, and time passed, my daughter did not even hold her head, laid like a «rag». As a result, we started holding the head only at 6 months, flipping on the belly at 8 months and everything stopped there. When my daughter was 11 months old, the neurologist shrugged and said that she did not know what to do with us, how to help us, and that we should prepare for the worst. At that time, Darina was lying only on her back, she was crying on her belly, and she could not sit or crawl. But I didn't believe it, it's hard to accept that something is wrong with your child and that there is no way out. I started searching the Internet for other ways to rehabilitate Darina because the most important thing is time, or rather its loss. By chance, the first thing that caught my eye was a group in VKontakte «Poidu Sam». After studying all the topics in the discussions, seeing that thanks to these exercises, children learned new skills, we decided to start practicing using the method of Dmitry Muromov. I wrote to Dmitry Sergeyevich, and we started doing exercises. What was my surprise and delight when, a couple of days after classes, Darina army-crawled!!!! Then I finally realized that this is our place! That we will not deviate from this path! And since then, the search for miracle doctors and methods has stopped, and there is the confidence that everything can still be made up. We were very encouraged by the achievements of other children in the group «Poidu Sam». Thanks to Dmitry Sergeyevich and his method, my daughter had a positive dynamic: at 1.5 she began to crawl on all fours and sit on buttocks, got up at the support, at 1.7 - the first steps at the support. Of course, there were difficulties - a completely changed lifestyle, no putting the child «in pillows», leading by the hand, «war» with grandparents, and even doctors, they argued that you need to put, lead a child, otherwise how can he learn it. But the belief in the method of Dmitry Sergeevich, seeing each time, the success of other children and the obvious progress of my daughter, was stronger. When Darina was 2, after the regular online consultation, Dmitry Sergeevich invited us to the center «Poidu Sam». At that time, my daughter was walking unsteadily at the support, saying only a few words. We completed a two-week rehabilitation course at the center, where we were diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia. On arrival, Darina began to talk. Thank you very much to the specialists of the center, speech therapist Natalia Valerianovna, speech pathologist Alisa Vladislavovna, Irina Veniaminovna. And the most important thing is that after communicating with Dmitry Sergeevich and Elena Nikolaevna, there was peace of mind, confidence that everything will be fine. Finally, we met people who can provide real help, teach a lot, and who do not care about the problems of such children. Thank you very much!!! If it wasn't for you, I can't imagine what would have happened to my daughter right now. Since after the «ordeal» from one doctor to another, who simply threw up their hands and said that they could not help in any way, Dmitry Sergeevich and Elena Nikolaevna clearly set the task, gave hope and gave a guide to the actions that led us to the fact that now we are walking without support.