Samara, Nikolay Panov st., 50
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Svetlana Nekrasova, Tolyatti


We have been working since 2013, from 3 months according to the method of Dmitry Muromov. We have passed all stages of physical development. Right-sided hemiparesis was corrected against the background of epilepsy. In the center «Poidu Sam», my daughter learned to turn over (in the first year of the course), crawl, walk. She learned to speak there. Speech therapist Natalia Valerianovna is a super-specialist, as well as all other specialists of the center. Now Lera is 6 years old. We have been Dmitry Sergeevich's graduates for 2 years now. My daughter rides a scooter on her own, climbs the hill and rolls down. Little by little we try to ride a bike. In the kindergarden, she learns poems, participates in theatrical performances, and composes fairy tales. Such a storyteller! There is no limit to joy! We will always remember with gratitude all the specialists of the center «Poidu Sam». Thank you very much!