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Dear parents! We welcome you to our monthly marathons designed for the first and second stages. You will receive eight and nine video tasks (for the first and second stages, respectively) from Dmitry Sergeevich Muromov and several bonus videos. Please study them as carefully as possible.

Some important tips:

1. Approach your homework responsibly. You can clarify incomprehensible points with Dmitry Sergeevich at the free open dialogue, which takes place every second Monday of the month in our VKontakte group.

2. Do your homework on time. All videos will be available immediately after they are paid, but we recommend that you do everything in stages and start studying new material, as written in the instructions (on Wednesday and Saturday). Take your time and be patient.

3. Carefully study the video instructions prepared by Dmitry Sergeevich: this way you can avoid the most frequent mistakes and make the work the most productive.

4. Do not forget that all videos are subject to the copyright of Dmitry Muromov – they are not subject to distribution and transfer to third parties.

5. Remember that you can't stand still and do nothing. Only with daily attempts and continuous work will the result be visible.

We believe that you will succeed. Don't forget to share your results with us after completing the marathon in any social network convenient for you.

We wish you success!

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