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One of the distinctive principles of Dmitry Muromov's work is the openness and accessibility of his method in the information space. It does not require registration, identification, or other online verification methods, as well as payment. Most likely, you have already seen this by studying the section «Methodology», presented in text form with a rich illustrative component on our website. However, we understand that it is much easier for many people to perceive information in audio-visual form, when a fairly complex and voluminous material is orally explained by the doctor himself, with all visual examples and arguments «in the frame». That is why we created video versions of the theoretical part and called them «Theory». Each video corresponds to a development stage – there are five of them in total.
You can buy any theoretical block individually or buy all at once – in a «package».
Attention! The theory does NOT include video exercises! They are presented in the section «Practice».