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Yulia Mashtakova, Penza


A few years ago, namely from 2013 to 2016, I just lived in VKontakte group «Poidu Sam». I studied the stories of other children, analyzed the experience of mothers, videos of exercises, doctor's consultations, and asked for advice myself. With the sole purpose of getting our girl back on her feet. Like most parents of a child with cerebral palsy who first encountered this disease, for the first year and a half we went the standard way: nootropics, electric procedures, classical massages, passive physical therapy, voits, neurology departments that combine the functions of rehabilitation centers, we all went through it quickly and in the end, we did not get anything but convulsive readiness. In a year, the child did not sit, could turn over one side, constantly inclined head to one side, plus a weak hand, equinus of the legs, in general - hemiparesis. I remember well that period and my despair that nothing really gives results. I talked to moms who were out of the house for months on rehabilitation in the hospital Department, who had scheduled trips to different reacenters for years ahead and this became a way of life for them and their children. And I understood that this is not our option, that I want my daughter to have a childhood at home, in a family, and not in rehabilitation institutions. When we met Dmitry Sergeyevich, we were very calm inwardly, as it became clear that we had found what we were looking for. We found a method that was very clear to us, so we could work on our own, at home, but most importantly, we found a mentor, a coach who tirelessly taught, explained, and corrected. Slowly, starting with a few seconds, we began to master the exercises that are already familiar to everyone here with telling names: «rider», «soldier», «monkey», «snake». As development progressed, there also appeared other positions: «spider», «low start», «heron», «Buddha», and various helper devices were added: spines, boots, wheelchairs, and running wheels. We removed «inappropriate» furniture, built ladders, slides, everything is too difficult to remember. In the end, we sold the apartment and built a house, so that there was an unlimited opportunity to run barefoot and just had such a need. By the way, it was after a summer spent barefoot on our hummocks that Dasha got rid of such a problem as overextension of the knee. To say that we worked hard is not to say anything - we lived by it. We helped our child to crawl, to sit down, and to walk with our hands. Out of a «rag» with potential scoliosis and other problems associated with hemiparesis, out of a child who had a problem to move once again, we made a strong girl who now loves to jump, run and just move. In general, the name of the center «Poidu Sam» is very symbolic and the keyword here, of course, is Sam - MYSELF. This principle is the basis of rehabilitation and in the whole work of Dmitry Sergeevich. Every time we came to the consultation, we heard from him: don't put her down, she should sit down herself, don't put her down, don't drive her, don't feed her, don't undress, don't dress her - let her do it herself. Your task is to create conditions under which the child can or will be forced to do everything herself. Tough, huh? But the result is worth it. Dmitry Sergeevich, we are very grateful for everything! In conclusion, I would like to write about one more point. Dasha was silent for up to 5 years. Nothing at all. Every time we arrived, Dmitry Sergeyevich asked: well, did you start talking? And each time there was nothing to please... Dmitry Sergeyevich, we have been talking for six months! How we moved the speech is a story for a separate competition, but the greatest happiness is to hear a conscious "MAMA". Natalia Valerianovna, thank you very much for your mentoring.