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Natalia Chernavina, Novokuibyshevsk


Vladik was born at 33 weeks. He couldn't breathe himself, was on a ventilator. On the sixth day, we were transferred to SRCH n.a. V.D. Seredavin in serious condition. We spent a month in the nursing department. Then we got home, where we began to deal with the diagnoses. List of diagnoses: prematurity of 32 weeks, Perinatal lesions of the Central nervous system, acute period, severe course, vegetovisceral syndrome, and much more. Up to one year, we conducted all rehabilitation activities at home, as Vladik was very ill. During the first three years of life, we were examined in SRCH n.a. V.D. Seredavin, rehabilitation reacenter «Svetlyachok» in Novokuibyshevsk twice a year, rehabilitation in the State hospital No. 2 (sanatorium «Volzhskie Zori») twice a year, were observed and treated by various specialists, including neurologists, osteopaths, manuals... Did physical therapy both independently and with the help of doctors, applied massages, acupuncture, heat treatment and so on. They used a lot of medications and injections. Next – classes in the «Adele» costume with a specialist, then at home. There wasn't a day that we didn't go somewhere and do something. The result of three years: in a year we were diagnosed with cerebral palsy (GMFCS II), in two years GMFCS II-III, in three years the diagnosis was as follows: cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, GMFCS III-IV. Despite our best efforts, we made our way to the wheelchair. Yes, there were results. Vlad learned to crawl on all fours uncertainly, stand at the support if you put him, but at the same time could not sit on his own. As he grew, all the skills went away, and he had to make more and more effort. We refused from the surgery constantly, although there were indications for it when we were two years old. I was looking for ways to avoid the surgery and long-term consequences. Once again, in search of a «magic pill» on the Internet, ready to go anywhere, I came across the website of the center «Poidu Sam» in Samara. I studied it and the VKontakte group. I tried to work out according the site at home. In two weeks, we managed to seat Vladik without a back. Not perfect, but still. And we went there right away. During the year of rehabilitation in this center, we have passed all the stages of formation that we could not pass in the previous three years. The exhausting trips to various specialists have ended, and we have stopped taking medications that were previously prescribed by handfuls of doctors. A system, a well-formed way of life, stages, an understanding of what we were doing, and competent specialists. The result was not long in coming. Now Vlad knows how to walk in orthoses and orthopedic shoes. The next stage is walking barefoot. I didn't even think that this could happen. There is no limit to happiness. I would like to say a huge thank you to the Muromov family and the entire staff of the center «Poidu Sam»! You not only give hope, you bring it to life!