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Natalia Orlova, Ufa


When Eric, born at 27 weeks and weighing 980g, was 11 months old, and he could only lie on his back, did not hold his head, I began to sound the alarm. Doctors only diagnosed us with a delay in development and hypotension of the Central nervous system and held as an example the different cases of healthy children who caught up with their peers.
I was looking for a method of rehabilitation, which was the systematic and showed successful results in many cases. Likewise, I wanted the adequate value and the possibility of self-study and work with the child.
The choice fell on the ASSOC «Poidu Sam» in Samara. When I arrived with my little son, not believing that we had cerebral palsy, I got my first and most important result. First, thanks to Elena Nikolaevna and Dmitry Sergeevich, I, as a mother, finally realized that this was serious. That this is not just a lag in development, but a real pathology, and that if I still wait for the «magic pill», I can ride my son in a wheelchair for life. The second important decision was for me to trust Dmitry Sergeevich and start exercising. Daily. Constantly. On the result.
After the first course, Eric started holding his head. In the second year right in the class of physical therapy he said for the first time: "Mom!" Then U-turns on belly, leveling of the head rotation asymmetry, army-crawling, sitting, working on the support and grasping function of the hands, the correct position of the hips when sitting... Using the correct sequence of technique stage, we mastered new skills – somewhere slowly, somewhere quickly; and simultaneously developed intelligence and fine motor skills of the hands.
There have been setbacks... I did something wrong, or with the wrong intensity. But our rehabilitation specialist always identified mistakes, told us what to do, sometimes taking us back a step. Of course, I was upset that I had to go back. But I followed all the recommendations, and again took the next frontier...
2 years have passed. Eric crawls on all fours everywhere – at home, on the street, in the woods, on the sand, gets on high knees, learns to get up with one foot. And surpasses healthy peers on intelligence – sings, tells poems, knows all colors, began to learn letters and numbers. Moreover, my son is not a reed with sluggish movements and a round back, but a powerful and nimble, muscular boy with a straight back and a cheerful perky laugh.
I BELIEVE that with «Poidu Sam» we will succeed. And my son will not just walk, but become a champion!
I am very grateful to the creators of this center – the Muromov family – for a really working tool for children with motor disorders, for an individual approach to each child and each parent, for the flexibility and constant modernization of the system!