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Anna Gomina

Due to a difficult pregnancy at 30 weeks, I had an emergency caesarean section… The baby did not breathe, the yolk held for 2 months, and he ate through a probe. Doctors gave a bad prognosis. Thank God Oleg survived. From birth, Oleg was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The doctors said that he would not see, would not hear, would not learn to eat himself, would not learn to sit – would be a cripple.
Rehabilitation and treatment of the baby started from birth. Unfortunately, there were no results. Being 1.5 years old, Olezhka did not hold his head, did not turn on his tummy, just laid, showing with his eyes and shouting what he wanted. Desperation covered our family with its head.
One of my friends recommended me to try the method of Dmitry Muromov. And we started working together with specialists of the medical center «Poidu Sam» in Samara. The results are visible to the naked eye. Oleg confidently holds his head, crawls on all fours, tries to sit on the floor himself, sits on a chair with support, develops intellectually, begins to speak.

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Elena Kostina
Belgorod region

Oleg was born at 26 weeks weighing 880g. I do not relieve the guilt from myself, but I can not say «thank you» to the doctors for accompanying my pregnancy. A lot of «if»... if I didn't get the flu at 16 weeks, if I was properly treated for fetal polyhydramnios at 21 weeks, maybe everything would have been fine… But the contractions started at 26 weeks, and two babies were born. Olezhka was the first. The second baby did not survive. Resuscitation in the perinatal center – 2.5 months (ventilator 1.5 months). Cannulas for 2 weeks. One day before the age of two months, hemoglobin fell – respiratory failure. I cried all night. And in the morning, they said: survived! In 3 months, we were sent to the children's Department of the regional hospital, weighting 3 kilograms already, but with food through the probe. The nurse incorrectly inserted the probe, the milk got into the lungs – pneumonia – resuscitation again. We got home at the age of 4 months. We have not received any good advice from any doctor on how to continue treatment. I was annoyed by the phrase «see a neurologist» and that's it. Pull yourself through. So, we pulled through with constant regurgitation after feeding, with daily tantrums at exactly 10 o'clock in the evening. But we pulled through. Up to one year old, we spent 3 times in neurology for children: massages, medications. Big head and hydrocephalus. And Diakarb, which did not help, but only harmed the child (withdrawal of fluid from the head and from the entire body). At six months old, Oleg raised his head, at 11 months old he began to turn over and try to army-crawl, but very weakly. In 1 year, the weight was 7 kg. Smart eyes, and a lot of movement.
I couldn't understand why Olezhka couldn't move faster. I thought the weight was small, the strength was not enough, we had not yet been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. And then in the hospital I saw a girl who was the same weight as Olezhka, but went on her own feet… And they started talking about the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. And I started to search on websites, in books, to understand that the question is not in the low weight of the child – the question is in my head. Glen Doman's book «What to Do About Your Brain-injured Child» helped a lot. Only after I read this book, the details of the mosaic formed in my head: every person from conception to the ability to walk goes through the cycles of life from the creation of our Earth. This is a chain: first, the embryo (fish in water), then birth, raising the head and army-crawling (as lizards, crocodiles – child moves like a lizard), then on all fours (like cats; dogs are already cross-motion), and then getting up and walking as people. And if you are stuck at some stage (we, for example, at the stage of army-crawling – it means that this link in the chain is «broken». And even if the child can move his legs (when we hold him), he will not go until the broken link is restored).
Maybe that's why, when I first came across the method of Dr. Muromov on the Internet with a detailed analysis of the development stages and habits of the child, I took it with my heart. We started practicing the method at 1.7 years old – I stopped leading the child by arms – I put on warm pants and a vest and put him on the floor. For three days Olezhka demanded with cry and tears to be carried and led, and when he realized that we would not take him, he confidently army-crawled across the floor. I was surprised and delighted. At the same time, we got to an osteopath in spite of the ban of our neurologist (do not go, why do you need it!) and thanks to Dmitry Sergeevich's approval (it won't hurt). And after 2 months of work with an osteopath (working with a child every 10 days), on the ultrasound of the head (through an unclosed fontanel), the neurologist surprised us – you do not have hydrocephalus syndrome. Everything is normal. And the child cheered up, became more active.
The development was well under way. I liked the method of Muromov D.S. very much, but his conclusion on Olezhka about the need for «Dysport»djuy to remove spastics paralyzed me. I was terrified of injections for a child. When the child was two years old, I didn't decide to take injections and, unfortunately, I spent all my energy and money on Voita therapy. And I lost a whole year on a technique that didn't help us. At the age of three, we went to Dmitry Sergeevich for our first in-person classes, which included botulinum therapy: with our left leg twisted, our left hand clenched in a fist and in the elbow, with sitting in the W position and weak attempts to crawl on all fours. All my fears about the injections were not justified either at that time or in all subsequent cases. We had no colds or other bad reactions to the injections. Dmitry Sergeyevich uses the drug very competently and professionally. He always palpates the child at the first reception, every muscle, and asks a lot of questions about the child's habits. His complete immersion in the state of the child, his individual approach to my child (a lot of questions: how he moves, what he can do, what he can't do, what he does more often, which hand/foot is bigger, what to pay special attention to, what tests to go through, what specialists to go to for advice) sets up trust. On the second day – the introduction of the drug. And after the injections, begin the classes. And here there is a different person – demanding, strict. He breaks the existing stereotypes in my head – you can't do this, you can do this. He gives not just exercises – he tries to change the way of life of both the child and parents. From the very morning of the child: what to do, how many times to work out, how to hold a child, how a child should sit; in a baby stroller to carry, how to feed. What is strictly forbidden (position W, leading by arms, etc.). I film all classes.
Then I watch the video several times a day, because there is a lot of information, and you don't have time to learn everything during the lesson. And I start working with the child. It can be difficult. The child does not understand why he is forced to do something new that he has never done before, so he screams and cries (yes, at first so!), but in the third lesson, the muscles begin to relax, he already gets used to it and understands what is required of him. Then the child works and gives everything together with the mother, and the first results appear: this is what happened, it seems that this is already better. Dmitry Sergeyevich corrects what has already been worked out, makes comments on mistakes, suggests what mistakes I can make in exercises, gives new exercises to those muscle groups that «Dysport» relaxes, tries new exercises with the child himself, comments in detail on each of his actions, answers all questions. His main goal is for parents to understand how to work with their child at home. He gives reasons why it is so, and not otherwise, speaks in simple (not medical) language. I have not seen such an approach to children from any other specialist, I have not seen a desire to teach the mother. Usually, specialists try to do it themselves, without teaching parents. When I see children in the centre, who were in the previous courses of rehabilitation at the center «Poidu Sam» and I see that firstly the child was crawling, and now walking at the support – and he is as small and fragile as we were when we were 2 years old, but on the legs. And you realize how important each day of life up to 3 years. And I regret that we did not get to Dmitry Sergeevich earlier. As a result, we have been working with Dmitry Sergeyevich for 6 years. From the ability to crawl and sit, we have reached the stage of walking. We walk confidently with a stick, hesitantly and slowly without a stick. Olezhka is nine years old. Last year, we started the first grade of a normal school. We walk to and from school every day. No strollers. Just a walking stick. We were given a full-time employee at the school – a tutor who helps us to cope with pens, pencils, notebooks in classes, goes with him to physical education. We finished the first year. Moved to the second class. We continue to study according to the program of Dmitry Sergeevich. I hope that we will come out victorious in the fight against the disease.

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Anastasia Chalbysheva

I want to share the story of my daughter Masha's development in the children's health center «Poidu Sam». In search of suitable rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy, I found a group in VKontakte «Poidu Sam». I studied and saw how engaged and successful were children. At that time Masha was two years old, and she could only army-crawl. I immediately decided that here is something that suits Masha. Started classes at home, («snake», «Buddha», «crane», «soldier»). A month later, my daughter began to crawl on her knees. There was no limit to my happiness. I immediately took a video and signed up for the course. In May 2015, we completed our first rehabilitation course. Thanks to the method of Dmitry Muromov, Masha has achieved a lot participating in course after course, daily classes, and the implementing doctor's recommendations. Siting, standing at the support, moving with support. We worked hard for two years.
What happened next is very difficult for me to explain. I can write that I made a huge mistake in my life, a mistake which lasted a year! Just because of my weakness and desperation, I decided that I needed something even more necessary, without knowing what it was. I didn't even notice how Masha started walking along the wall. She really missed the center, the specialists, and the classroom. Masha was always happy to go to classes with Dmitry Sergeevich - unlike me, she trusted and believed in the success of Dmitry Sergeevich's method. Often revisited sessions with Alisa Vladislavovna. Masha didn't want to sit down at the table, showed that she would rather eat on the floor in the «Buddha» position. I even started working with dolls using the method. During the year, I made mistakes that thrown away the entire work of Dmitry Sergeevich and the center's specialists. I decided that I had no right to make such mistakes. I will trust Mashenka and Dmitry Sergeevich. After all, as a loving mother, I want my daughter to go on HER own, on her straight legs! Many thanks to Elena Nikolaevna, Dmitry Sergeevich, and the center's specialists for the healthy future of our children. Moms, you should never give up, trust, and believe in victory!

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Eva Linda
Nizhny Novgorod

Here is our little story with Egorka about victory, although we have not yet reached the finish line, already on the final straight. And it all started with the fact that my daughter and son were born prematurely at 30 weeks with a small weight. My daughter died in 6 hours, and my son was fighting for life, there was a ventilator, resuscitation, and intensive care, after 2 months we were discharged home and told that everything is gonna be normal. But it appeared to be not so simple. As it often occurs, Egor did not crawl, did not sit down, did not get up in time.
Doctors diagnosed a lag in development, said he will catch up. He began to hold his head in 3 months, turned over in 8 months, army-crawled in 10 months and everything got stuck until I found the method of Muromov on the internet. In 1 year and 2 months, like many moms VKontakte, created my own discussion and began a dialogue with Dmitry Sergeevich and we crawled on all fours in 2 months and a month later began to get up at the support. When we were 2 years old, Dmitry Sergeyevich analyzed our video and invited us for rehabilitation. Our long journey began at this time and has not yet ended.
I am certainly not one of the most ideal moms, I did not follow all the recommendations and exercises in full, I was sorry, I gave my son a break, but I continued to study. At 3 years old, my son began to take 3-5 steps from support to support, at 4 years old we began to walk slowly, at 5 years old we went to kindergarten. Yes, we are walking now, but not very well yet. And this is all thanks to you Dmitry Sergeevich and Elena Nikolaevna.

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Elena Kalinina

I am the mother of a wonderful Zahar. Our history of classes according to the method of D.S. Muromov lasts 5 years (the review was written in March 2018). We started studying at the age of 1. At that time, my son could only hold his head more or less. My son has cerebral palsy, spastic tetraparesis. According to the generally accepted classification of large motor skills, Zakhar corresponds to the fourth class (GMFCS IV). There are five classes in total. This means that my child has a severe form of cerebral palsy. But despite this, we do not give up and to his 6 years, Egor learned to crawl on all fours quickly and confidently, sit in «Buddha», and the «snake» positions. Everything with the help of Muromov’s method. According to Dmitry Sergeevich, Zakhar's crawling is exemplary). In general, all motor skills were mastered with the help of classes on the method. This is brief. And in detail, our child was born healthy without pathologies, but premature - at 30 weeks. On the 9th day of life, there was a hemorrhage of the 4th degree, a coma… the doctor who was on duty on that ill-fated day, revived our child with difficulty, thereby giving him life! In the first year, we tried almost all methods of treatment and realized that only physical therapy helps us. Then I began to look for a place where I can do physical therapy with the benefit of Zaharchik. After reading a lot of information on the Internet, on the forum, I came across a story of one mother, where she described the success of her daughter with Dmitry Sergeevich, and I immediately realized and felt that this is our method, as if someone from above sent this information for me. This is what I wanted my child to do. And I thought that Dmitry Sergeyevich is a chance for my child to learn to walk by HIMSELF.
Something we learned quickly and something was reached in years. I understood that everything is individual, my child is developing by his own pace and I should not rush him. In the first months of training, my son quickly learned to flip from his back to belly and crawl on his belly. Quite easily learned to sit in «Buddha» position and «snake» position, but it took us time to learn how to crawl on all fours. But somewhere inside me, intuitively, I felt that Zakhar would learn to crawl. Today we crawl quickly and confidently, of course, there are flaws, but following the recommendations, we try to eliminate them. Dear moms and dads of children with cerebral palsy, perhaps for someone our story will be useful, and I will be very happy for it, so I decided to participate in the competition and write about my special child, and his success. Good luck and patience to all of us!

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Nina Pavlova

I also want to share my story, how I came to the method of Dr. Muromov D.S. My story differs from others: we are only at the very beginning of the path… Now we are 6.5 months old. We don't know yet what the future holds for us and what our baby will be like. Therefore, fear still lives very strongly in my heart. My Manechka was born at 33 weeks, but with a very small weight and height (1162g and 33 cm). The baby was born almost dead - 1/3 of the Apgar score. At first, doctors did not give any forecasts for life, then for health. While the baby was in intensive care and in the OPN for a total of 2 months, I began to analyze information about premature babies.
Until I gave birth to a premature baby, I sincerely believed that they would just gain weight and go home safely and completely healthy. In the hospital, we had both grade 3 ischemia and hemorrhages in both hemispheres. In the group VKontakte about premature babies, I often observed that mothers of such children are advised to use the method of Dr. Muromov in treatment. I immediately began to study it, when we were just discharged from the hospital. But to be honest, at the very beginning, I did not understand how to perform the exercises correctly. But thank God video tutorials appeared at the website at that moment! I was very happy! Thanks to the method, we have learned to hold our head, turn over from the back to belly, there is support on straightened arms and we spin around a little!!! I am very happy! Now I'm teaching the baby to crawl and sit. I have already recommended the magic method to all the girls from the intensive care unit who were with us. Thank God that there are people who are selflessly and free of charge post exercises for our children! Thank you very much!

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Marina Yakupova

I want to share our story. My daughter Darina is 4.5 years old now (the review was written in March 2018). The diagnosis is cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia. The pregnancy was difficult, from 26 weeks until the birth, I was on bed rest. At 36 weeks, the water abruptly broke at night, and in 2.5 hours my daughter was born with a weight of 2600g and a height of 53 cm. She began to breathe immediately, there was a weak sucking reflex. We were put in the children's Department for 7 days to gain weight, and we were discharged home with a weight of 2800. The doctors said that everything is normal, there was no reason to worry, and at this point, we could have temporarily calmed down, if I did not get our discharge from the hospital with a diagnosis of cerebral ischemia of the 2nd degree. This aroused my suspicions and, after studying various sources, I found out that in most cases, if you do not take action in time, the final result is cerebral palsy. And we started our trips to the doctors, pills, injections, massages, osteopathy. Nothing brought success, everyone said that you need to wait, that everything is from prematurity, and time passed, my daughter did not even hold her head, laid like a «rag». As a result, we started holding the head only at 6 months, flipping on the belly at 8 months and everything stopped there. When my daughter was 11 months old, the neurologist shrugged and said that she did not know what to do with us, how to help us, and that we should prepare for the worst. At that time, Darina was lying only on her back, she was crying on her belly, and she could not sit or crawl. But I didn't believe it, it's hard to accept that something is wrong with your child and that there is no way out. I started searching the Internet for other ways to rehabilitate Darina because the most important thing is time, or rather its loss. By chance, the first thing that caught my eye was a group in VKontakte «Poidu Sam». After studying all the topics in the discussions, seeing that thanks to these exercises, children learned new skills, we decided to start practicing using the method of Dmitry Muromov. I wrote to Dmitry Sergeyevich, and we started doing exercises. What was my surprise and delight when, a couple of days after classes, Darina army-crawled!!!! Then I finally realized that this is our place! That we will not deviate from this path! And since then, the search for miracle doctors and methods has stopped, and there is the confidence that everything can still be made up. We were very encouraged by the achievements of other children in the group «Poidu Sam». Thanks to Dmitry Sergeyevich and his method, my daughter had a positive dynamic: at 1.5 she began to crawl on all fours and sit on buttocks, got up at the support, at 1.7 - the first steps at the support. Of course, there were difficulties - a completely changed lifestyle, no putting the child «in pillows», leading by the hand, «war» with grandparents, and even doctors, they argued that you need to put, lead a child, otherwise how can he learn it. But the belief in the method of Dmitry Sergeevich, seeing each time, the success of other children and the obvious progress of my daughter, was stronger. When Darina was 2, after the regular online consultation, Dmitry Sergeevich invited us to the center «Poidu Sam». At that time, my daughter was walking unsteadily at the support, saying only a few words. We completed a two-week rehabilitation course at the center, where we were diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia. On arrival, Darina began to talk. Thank you very much to the specialists of the center, speech therapist Natalia Valerianovna, speech pathologist Alisa Vladislavovna, Irina Veniaminovna. And the most important thing is that after communicating with Dmitry Sergeevich and Elena Nikolaevna, there was peace of mind, confidence that everything will be fine. Finally, we met people who can provide real help, teach a lot, and who do not care about the problems of such children. Thank you very much!!! If it wasn't for you, I can't imagine what would have happened to my daughter right now. Since after the «ordeal» from one doctor to another, who simply threw up their hands and said that they could not help in any way, Dmitry Sergeevich and Elena Nikolaevna clearly set the task, gave hope and gave a guide to the actions that led us to the fact that now we are walking without support.

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Maria Palekhina

Our son Gordey is 6 years old (the review was written in March 2018) and he has cerebral palsy. 6 years ago, during the frosty winter morning at the hospital, we still did not know how our lives would change with the appearance of this little man. Gordey was born prematurely and this was the second child in our family, born at 32 weeks with a weight of 2020g, 44 cm. His little sister at that time was 1 year and 5 months old and she was not different from her peers. Gordey himself breathed, screamed, ate well at the time of discharge and the doctors' prognosis was favorable. The head of the Department at the maternity hospital told me at discharge that he will run like his sister. I wish I - a mother without medical education - knew then, that periventricular leucomalacia on NSG is a common cause of cerebral palsy, but apparently, doctors were not aware of this. Then there was a time of imaginary prosperity, Gordey slept well and gained weight, began to hum, babble, and watch the toy on time. Motor skills were delayed but I thought it was ok - his sister only sat down at 8 months and at 11 got up in the crib. «Lazy boy», as we were said… And a neurologist from 6 months actively fed him with diakarb, Cortexin, and Actovegin. «A puncture and everything will be fine». At the same time, it was actively offered to vaccinate, I persistently refused.
We were diagnosed only by 1 year and 2 months. Then there were trips to Kazan, active medical treatment, Voita-therapy, physio, and electrotherapy, Gordey began to talk in phrases, began to crawl on all fours. In 3 years, there was epiactivity on the EEG, 90% of the background recording of sleep... and I had to leave only Voito-therapy. Then the development got up and we started looking for a way out again. When Gordey was two years old, I found the site of the center «Poidu Sam», but then I was afraid that part of this method is injections of Dysport. I began to do exercises on the site, communicate with mothers who were actively trained with Dmitry Sergeevich, collect information, met a mother who lives in the same region with us and her daughter, Darina Yakupova, learned to walk using the method of Dmitry Sergeevich. We got a face-to-face consultation only when Gordey was 4 years old.
Now it has been 2 years since we went to see Dmitry Sergeevich and during this time our child has learned a lot as a result of the work done. He learned to eat and drink in a «snake» position, he climbs on and off the sofa, we «broke» contractures of the knee and ankle joints, leveled his hands (the right one was obviously worse), he learned to change into a «snake» position himself, we have no problems with hip joints, I caught myself thinking how independent our child is becoming. The method of Muromov D.S. and E.N. helps us not only in direct rehabilitation but also in the upbringing of our son, helps us to create the prerequisites for him to become independent. We first came to the center when we were 4 years old - a lot of time was lost, we were deeply immersed in the lessons and the results are obvious. Now I regret that I did not contact you earlier. Injections of Dysport in skilled hands, with an active system of exercises, make life very easy, and help children. Thank you, the Muromov family for «washing our brains» when necessary, for your work, for helping us in this difficult way. Our story is more like a «tale of lost time». Our child could have done much more if we got to Dmitry Sergeevich before one year of age. I am sure that a preterm child should first of all be examined by a competent rehabilitation doctor because this is the most precious time in terms of rehabilitation. I am sure we will succeed because the work is never in vain. To all parents who faced such a situation I would like to wish faith in themselves and in their child, and patience.

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Anna Shurupova

I'm not a public person and I don't like to advertise my life, so I registered in VKontakte only because of the group «Poidu Sam». But it's probably time to tell you my story, too. I'll start at the beginning.
Our fight against cerebral palsy began 10 years ago (the review was written in March 2018). Our eldest son was born at 37 weeks with a small weight of 1700g and was immediately sent to intensive care. He couldn't take food, he kept burping. Doctors could not find the cause for a long time, and the child was dying. It was only two weeks later that Ledd's syndrome (Incomplete bowel twist) was diagnosed. The child could only be saved by emergency surgery. But the baby was so weak by then (he had already been transferred to a ventilator) that he would not have been able to undergo surgery. Doctors predicted a 99% fatal outcome and offered to refuse. But we decided to give it a chance. And contrary to the doctors' forecasts, our son underwent surgery and survived, and began to gain weight. We thought everything would be all right now. But the baby lagged behind in development and in a year, we were diagnosed with cerebral palsy (spastic diplegia). We treated our son for a long time and persistently: massages, physical therapy, physiotherapy, manual therapy, acupuncture, and medication. There was no extra money in our family, but we did not spare anything for our son, we tried everything that would help: we were engaged in hippotherapy, swimming, took to Dolphin therapy, to a speech therapist, a psychologist, purchased Adele's medical suit, learned to dress it and did physical therapy in it. Meanwhile, a healthy baby girl was born in our family, and we continued to treat our son. He developed, but we made a lot of mistakes. Due to constant sitting in the W-position and premature verticalization, his legs became deformed and he had to undergo orthopedic operations. My son had three complex bone operations at the Turner Institute in St. Petersburg, three months in a cast, half a year in the apparatus, a long rehabilitation, development, walking with canes and, finally, the first independent steps. Our son started walking at the age of five, but we did not overcome cerebral palsy, we learned to live with it. We organized the child's life, installed handrails in the bathroom and toilet, taught self-service skills, equipped a sports corner and continued to study, worked on fine motor skills, taught to read and write.
Life slowly improved. The children grew up and went to school. And we thought about the birth of a baby, we wanted to hear the patter of small feet in the house, we dreamed of a little son.
But, apparently, there were not enough trials in our life. The pregnancy was progressing well, all tests and studies were normal, but at the time of 32 weeks, the third ultrasound showed a lag in the growth of the fetus. The doctors calmed us down, told us that the child will just be small. I had CTG, Doppler and it turned out everything was bad and the child suffered in utero. At 34 weeks, an emergency caesarean section was performed. Thin umbilical cord and tight entanglement, asphyxia, resuscitation again, long nursing, Children's hospital.
To say that we were in shock is to say nothing! Dreams of a healthy son collapsed! The whole smoothed-out life went downhill! We were heartbroken! Hands down! Start all over again! But there was nothing to do, he needed to be treated. And again massages, physical therapy, physiotherapy… and in a year the same diagnosis of cerebral palsy - spastic diplegia.
I was searching for new exercises on the Internet and accidentally came across the method of Muromov D.S. «Poidu Sam». I really liked it, everything was simple and accessible. Only by constant training you can achieve development, believe my experience. I realized all my mistakes in the treatment of my eldest son (putting him in pillows, led, made stand...) Yes, we were successful, but how! Through the deformation of feet and heavy correction operations. I realized that practicing the method, we could avoid this and achieve success earlier! That's why I choose «Poidu Sam»! I decided to go on a new path! I found out about the VKontakte group, studied all the comments in the discussions, all the videos, and started studying. And for the last few months, our day begins with classes on the method. And we already have our first success: our son has become more confident in holding his head and has learned to turn over from his back to belly.

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Maria Panishenko

The pregnancy proceeded normally, without complications. Ultrasound and blood tests were normal. But suddenly, at 31-32 week during the night, the water broke. Ambulance, Tula prenatal center. The child lived without water for a day! They waited for his lungs to prepare and said that ideally, the child would not be born for two days. But a day later contractions and a caesarean section began… Immediately to the intensive care unit. 4 days on a ventilator. There was no sucking reflex. The doctors didn't say anything. After a month and a half of his stay in the acute renal failure, he was discharged home. We were happy parents until we began to notice that Styopa was lagging behind in development - he did not hold his head properly, did not turn over, did not sit down, etc. We called a masseuse, who started hinting at cerebral palsy… But we wouldn't listen and couldn't believe it. After all, the eldest daughter had a heart defect and God only knows what we went through with her… And then cerebral palsy!!! Approximately from 9 months, we started rehabilitation… Tula, Moscow, then the diagnosis of cerebral palsy in a year and a half! Time is lost… Beijing, then Ukraine - the results were there, but minimal. And then fate brought us together accidentally with Svetlana Nekrasova, whose daughter Lera was treated by Muromov D.S. from an early age and learned to walk from him! I spent 3 nights studying the methodology in VK. And I had hope and confidence that Dmitry Sergeyevich will help us!
When we were 3 years old, we came to Samara. Styopa was able to army-crawl. In his first year at Dmitry Sergeevich's, he got up on all fours and began to move around. There was no limit to our happiness! Many of the exercises seemed unrealistic. For example, we learned to sit in a «snake» position for a very long time. But in the end, we learned to sit without hands in «Buddha» position too! Recently, Styopa began to stand up on the high knees without the support! It may have been uncertain, but he did it! And I think this is a huge step forward!
Stability appeared in our life. We stopped looking for rehabilitation centers to help us. Classes on the method of Muromov D.S. have become a way of life for us. Styopa already reminds us that we need to work out! It can be difficult, it seems that everything is at the dead-end! But you look at other children, at what Stepa was a year ago and you understand that there is a chance! Slowly but surely, we are moving forward! And Styopa really wants to go on foot! And he will go for sure! We regret one thing… that we learned about this method late… Thank you Dmitry Sergeevich and all employees of the center «Poidu Sam» for the work! With my own eyes, I saw a lot of children who went on their own legs and it is very much worth it! We very much hope and believe that Styopa will also go soon… And his dreams are not childish at all. He says he'll learn to walk and work as a dad. The goal is set and we will achieve it!

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Roza Galeeva

We were very much waiting for our son. The pregnancy proceeded normally, without hospitalizations and concerns from doctors. Unexpectedly for everyone, our son decided to be born at 33 weeks, he was very small - weighing 2400g. The delivery was quick, complicated by breech presentation, Kamalka breathed on his own, but then apnea attacks began, and they put him under a ventilator, he did not have a sucking and swallowing reflex, and he was fed through a probe. He was lying in a cuvette, all wrapped up in tubes. We were discharged from one hospital, transferred to another immediately to the intensive care unit, a week later in the department, where we were until the time when we were supposed to be born. From that time until now, we have been struggling with the consequences of birth trauma. Our diagnosis is spastic tetraparesis - cerebral palsy. At the first year of our life, we were not fully aware of what was happening, neurologists treated us with medications, did general massages (although later we found our own understanding person), and did swimming at home every day. In a year - like a hammer on the head - cerebral palsy. When we were 9 months old, we went to Dmitry Sergeyevich Muromov, we could only hold our head, though not very confident. We started to study physical therapy and trained, trained, trained. We have developed the skill to hold the head, lean on hands, spin on the belly around the axis, do flips from the back to belly. By the year we began to make attempts to army-crawl, which we were very happy about. Later we learned to sit in a «snake» and crawl on all fours. We were able to stand at the support and make side steps along it. At 2 years old, we went in a walker and were sure that we will soon go.
When we finished our lessons with Dmitry Sergeyevich, ski boots appeared in our life, and we went free swimming when Kamalka was 3 years old. But something went wrong and no miracle happened. We tried different physical therapies and rehabilitation courses, all of them gave something, but nothing changed dramatically. We learned to stand on high knees and move this way. Being led by two hands, then by one. By 2017 (Kamal was 7 years old), we had learned to walk on canadian sticks. And with this skill, we came to the center «Poidu Sam» again. During this time, Kamal has changed, and the method has changed. In six months of training, we have learned to take independent steps. And this is the greatest happiness!
All the moms are different, with their own characteristics, but Dmitry Sergeyevich gives us all hope that everything will work out, and many of us have the opportunity to see an important event in the life of every child - the first steps! Thank you for this! I want to add that Dmitry Sergeyevich teaches not only physical therapy but also how to properly build a life and relationship with a child so that he grows up independent and is as independent as possible from you! We come up with adaptations and means of rehabilitation for each specific child, which are subsequently corrected. Such an individual approach necessarily gives positive results.
I share my experience so that other mothers who are probably just starting treatment for their children with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, know that there is a specialist in Samara with a lot of knowledge and experience in this field and perhaps he can help!

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Tatyana Mironova
Saint Petersburg

Why do I choose «Poidu Sam»? My girl was the seventh child in the family, she was born at 28 weeks of pregnancy. A detachment of the placenta, 3 ivh, PVL. The doctors immediately said that it would be very difficult to raise my daughter. I didn't want to believe it, as many moms. Unfortunately, the first year was wasted. Many neurologists said: «It's okay, she's just premature, will catch up.» But every day I realized that not everything was as good as I would have liked. At one year old, Nadenka was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia. And that's when I started looking for someone to help me. I prayed that God would send us a competent doctor. I intuitively understood that you can't work with such children from course to course, but you have to work hard every day. I also understood that it was impossible to make my daughter sit, while she could not hold the back, did not hold the head, let alone led by hand like I was taught at the hospital. And so I learned about the VKontakte group «Poidu Sam». And can you imagine what confused me the most? That Muromov D.S. consults in VK for FREE. I thought: «Another scam». Nowadays specialists can not consult for free, especially since there were a lot of us there. But I had nothing to do. So, I sat down and spent three nights studying counseling step-by-step. I watched children’s development, read Dmitry Sergeyevich's comments! It took me three nights to figure it out. And we started training with Nadyushka. I need to highlight that at one-year age Nadenka could only roll. It came as a surprise when three days later my daughter crawled on all fours, and a month later stood at support! We were invited to a course in Samara in the center «Poidu Sam» and we went there! So our treatment began in the very center. We punctured the despot and continued to work. Nadenka walked more and more confidently along the support. When she was three years old, she even took a few steps on her own and started talking. But then disaster struck. Nadya started having epileptic seizures! I thought I was going mad. The epileptologist has forbidden us doing everything! There were 30 attacks a day. In general, we fell out of work for six months. I was in a confused state. We started to give up. Although epilepsy had already been docked, I was no longer attracted to anything. One evening I sat down to watch a video of how we were training, how Nadyushka was walking… I burst into tears and decided that I would do everything possible. We arrived at the center and continued our classes. Yes, it's not easy for us, because epilepsy is a real disease. But I can see Nadya returning to her skills. I believe that everything will work out! Separately, I want to say a huge thanks to Elena Nikolaevna, who comforted me in difficult moments. THANK YOU to Dmitry Sergeyevich for always encouraging us and giving himself 100% to his work. Every parent, mother, chooses her own way of treating a child with cerebral palsy! And this is only our responsibility. Everyone has their own way. I wish all the children good health and great success in their work! Although we are all different, and there are many thoughts in my head, but I do not regret anything in our journey with Nadyushka.

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Elena Cherkasova

Leva was born in Chelyabinsk. The local doctors assured us that he would never crawl, sit, or even walk, that he would only lie down. My husband and I did not want to put up with such forecasts, so two years ago we came to Samara to the first year in the rehabilitation center «Poidu Sam».
Then Lev could not do anything, could not even hold his head. The maximum that our child was able to do was to roll over from belly to his back. Now, after several courses at the center, Leva has learned to crawl on all fours, get on high knees near and without support.
Lev makes great progress not only in motor, but also in psycho-speech development: he began to pronounce sounds and began to be fond of toys. The work of Dmitry Sergeyevich Muromov, defectologist Alisa Vladislavovna and speech therapist Natalia Valerianovna gave an excellent result. Without the specialists of the center «Poidu Sam» Lev would have remained shut-in forever, and now we believe that our son will walk.

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Svetlana Nekrasova

We have been working since 2013, from 3 months according to the method of Dmitry Muromov. We have passed all stages of physical development. Right-sided hemiparesis was corrected against the background of epilepsy. In the center «Poidu Sam», my daughter learned to turn over (in the first year of the course), crawl, walk. She learned to speak there. Speech therapist Natalia Valerianovna is a super-specialist, as well as all other specialists of the center. Now Lera is 6 years old. We have been Dmitry Sergeevich's graduates for 2 years now. My daughter rides a scooter on her own, climbs the hill and rolls down. Little by little we try to ride a bike. In the kindergarden, she learns poems, participates in theatrical performances, and composes fairy tales. Such a storyteller! There is no limit to joy! We will always remember with gratitude all the specialists of the center «Poidu Sam». Thank you very much!

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Elena Shirobokova

I learned about the method of Dmitry Sergeevich Muromov and Elena Nikolaevna, when my twin boys were 1.5 years old. I studied the website, the history of other patients, and consulted online. At that time, the diagnosis of cerebral palsy was already known to us, but I did not realize the need for botulinum therapy and more decisive actions on my part. I thought that now we will work out in different medical institutions, and everything will get better. We live in Moscow, so there was a choice of places for rehabilitation. Unfortunately, in most cases it was a waste of time and effort, and most importantly a lack of understanding of what I personally can do for my children. Also there often were conflicting opinions of experts. In-person acquaintance with the center «Poidu Sam» took place only when the guys were already 3.5 years old (the birth of a younger sister pushed this meeting). From the first year, my head was spinning from the volume of new information. I learned so much – no one ever told me that much about the health of my boys in all the 3.5 previous years of their lives. The main thing is that I knew and understood what to do and how to do: how to exercise, how to arrange life. After the first year, I realized that I had found what I was looking for and would continue to work with «Poidu Sam». Refused, in this regard, from the annual course of rehabilitation and support paid by the charitable Foundation in Moscow. The methods were different. If you decide and trust the doctor, and I unconditionally made a choice in favor of the method of D.S. Muromov, you need to dive into it and work. ‌
People ask me sometimes: why do I go from Moscow to Samara, are there no doctors in the capital, why did I make such a choice? First, it is working in a team with parents (the child is not taken for the procedure and returned). In «Poidu Sam» parents are told and taught everything, i.e. when you come back from the course, you know what to do with the child, how to deal with it at home. Benefit for the baby: he adapts better to work out with his mother at home. Second, the botulinum toxin therapy. How carefully Dmitry Sergeyevich examines the child before botulinum therapy, probing every muscle. Once before meeting with Dmitry Sergeyevich, we were given injections of «Dysport». I want to say that in the matter of botulinum therapy, I do not give responsibility for my children to anyone except Dmitry Sergeevich. Third, an individual and comprehensive approach to every single patient. And this is not only a set of exercises that correspond to the physical level of development of each child. The entire team of specialists works together. My boys really like brainstorming in the game-form during the classes of the defectologist Alisa Vladislavovna. How skilfull is the speech therapy massage by Natalia Valerianovna! Thank you, Irina Veniaminovna, for massages and other treatments! Fourth, the ability of Dmitry Sergeevich and Elena Nikolaevna to find an approach to the parent. We are all different. It is important for me that I get the necessary knowledge from them as doctors who know and love their work, as well as from caring people and experienced parents. And the main thing is that we speak the same language and understand each other.‌
After the first year, the boys had visible improvements. Ilya himself learned to sit in «Buddha» position. Before that he could only sit in the wrong W-shaped position. Misha became more resilient, and a walk in the yard for 2 hours on his feet became normal for him. Now, after 2 years of classes: Ilya walks with canes, along the wall; Misha runs with his sisters; we are working on the correct gait not being on toes. There is a lot of further work, but it is fruitful and brings results! ‌
Mothers, if you see a delay in the physical development of your baby, feel free to refer the Muromov method without delay, study the site, order online consultations. The sooner the better! Time plays an important role in the development of children!‌

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Natalia Orlova

When Eric, born at 27 weeks and weighing 980g, was 11 months old, and he could only lie on his back, did not hold his head, I began to sound the alarm. Doctors only diagnosed us with a delay in development and hypotension of the Central nervous system and held as an example the different cases of healthy children who caught up with their peers.
I was looking for a method of rehabilitation, which was the systematic and showed successful results in many cases. Likewise, I wanted the adequate value and the possibility of self-study and work with the child.
The choice fell on the ASSOC «Poidu Sam» in Samara. When I arrived with my little son, not believing that we had cerebral palsy, I got my first and most important result. First, thanks to Elena Nikolaevna and Dmitry Sergeevich, I, as a mother, finally realized that this was serious. That this is not just a lag in development, but a real pathology, and that if I still wait for the «magic pill», I can ride my son in a wheelchair for life. The second important decision was for me to trust Dmitry Sergeevich and start exercising. Daily. Constantly. On the result.
After the first course, Eric started holding his head. In the second year right in the class of physical therapy he said for the first time: "Mom!" Then U-turns on belly, leveling of the head rotation asymmetry, army-crawling, sitting, working on the support and grasping function of the hands, the correct position of the hips when sitting... Using the correct sequence of technique stage, we mastered new skills – somewhere slowly, somewhere quickly; and simultaneously developed intelligence and fine motor skills of the hands.
There have been setbacks... I did something wrong, or with the wrong intensity. But our rehabilitation specialist always identified mistakes, told us what to do, sometimes taking us back a step. Of course, I was upset that I had to go back. But I followed all the recommendations, and again took the next frontier...
2 years have passed. Eric crawls on all fours everywhere – at home, on the street, in the woods, on the sand, gets on high knees, learns to get up with one foot. And surpasses healthy peers on intelligence – sings, tells poems, knows all colors, began to learn letters and numbers. Moreover, my son is not a reed with sluggish movements and a round back, but a powerful and nimble, muscular boy with a straight back and a cheerful perky laugh.
I BELIEVE that with «Poidu Sam» we will succeed. And my son will not just walk, but become a champion!
I am very grateful to the creators of this center – the Muromov family – for a really working tool for children with motor disorders, for an individual approach to each child and each parent, for the flexibility and constant modernization of the system!

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Anna Kronshtadtskaya

When you realize that your child has motor and mental disorders, first of all you overcome your fears, then panic, then analytical abilities are turned on, and you learn to make decisions that affect life, or rather the quality of life. Agree, there is a difference between lying down and crawling on your own, there is a difference between someone who eats with their hands on their own and is deprived of this opportunity, there is a difference between someone who walks clumsily himself and just lies down. There is also a difference between mothers who managed to pull themselves together and went on the warpath with their own fears, and those who, for some reason, obeyed to fate. You can't blame them, it's a choice.
At 3 months old, Dima did not hold his head, mostly he slept, was lethargic, gave out non-synchronized movements with his hands and feet and smiled sweetly. The doctors did not respond to my questions and my pleas for help: the boys develop later, the environment is unfavorable, hypoxia is possible, drink vitamins, let's try to get a massage, and so on. At 6.5 months old, we left our hinterland and went to Moscow for diagnostics and treatment. This way I realized that the prospects are dim and the diagnosis is inevitable. At 7 months, OUR rehabilitation path began. My son had a path of rehabilitation of motor disorders, and I, as a mother, have a rehabilitation of psychological trauma. And you can not reduce the mother's pain, it is there. You have to agree with it, recognize it, accept it, and move on. Already in the first half-year (and there were 4 half-years) of rehabilitation in «Poidu Sam», from July 2017, Dima has acquired the skills of holding the neck, supporting himself with outstretched arms, turning to the sides and turning around, «found» his legs – press training. The next year, my son learned to army-crawl and did this with obstacles, got up on all fours, swing on them and go forward, and also tried to climb to high knees. There were 4 rehabilitation sessions for 2 weeks. In 2019, he learned to climb on sofas, throwing his knees up, stood at the support, stamped, lifted his legs, and began to imitate walking. 2 rehabilitation sessions for 3 weeks in Samara. In March 2020, Dima pleased us with the fact that he could go along the support, and could also sit down for a toy, leaning on the wall, and straighten up without falling, keeping the balance. We do not take any other rehabilitation measures in other centers. At home – only restorative, tonic swimming. Dima likes to be in the water, and I also continue to perform tasks according to the method of Dmitry Sergeevich and the recommendations of the defectologist Alisa Vladislavovna.
Atonia persists to this day. A very flexible body frame, there are regular flinches and stereotypical movements of the hands, periodically excessive bends of the neck back, which he is able to straighten independently. The intellect is severely damaged, he does not respond to a name, has a brief glance in the eye, does not seek contact with other people, does not speak. However, it should be noted that Dima can eat pieces with his hands, sometimes with a spoon, and always gets into his mouth, if he does not spill up before; he has a great speed in moving on all fours and walking along the support, calmly stands at any table and can take something interesting to him, sometimes he is very curious and demanding.

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Stanislav Chekin

I want to express my gratitude to all the employees of the ASSOC «Poidu Sam» and especially to Dmitry Muromov and Elena Muromova. In this center, our family saw two of the biggest advantages for the child's rehabilitation. This is an effective method of Dmitry Sergeevich, and a warm, sincere attitude to young patients and their parents, readiness to help in various situations that arise during the rehabilitation courses at the center. Now my daughter Sofia is 8 years old, the first time we got to the children’s health center «Poidu Sam» at the age of 4. At that moment, our daughter could crawl on all fours, stand up at the support, and could not walk. Dmitry Sergeyevich said that for effective rehabilitation according to his method, it is necessary to introduce the medicine «Dysport», perform individual physical exercises at home, as well as some changes in living conditions, so that everything around the child is aimed at maximum effectiveness of rehabilitation. We came to the «Poidu Sam» every 5-6 months first, then we were allowed to increase the period between courses to 8 months. We were always happy with our work and communication with all the employees of the center who helped our daughter. And we have seen the results of the work of the entire staff of the ASSOC «Poidu Sam». First, Sofia learned to crawl more correctly, then got up at the support, walked along the support. Then, gradually, our daughter stopped being afraid to separate from the support (wall) and began to take 4-8 independent steps. Today, Sofia walks independently for short distances, in an apartment, in the guests, on the street, on the playground, as well as inside the school. We strive to ensure that our daughter learns to walk even better, over long distances, so that she can completely do without a stroller.
Our family says once again «thank you» to all employees of the ASSOC «Poidu Sam» and wishes you good health and well-being.

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Natalia Chernavina

Vladik was born at 33 weeks. He couldn't breathe himself, was on a ventilator. On the sixth day, we were transferred to SRCH n.a. V.D. Seredavin in serious condition. We spent a month in the nursing department. Then we got home, where we began to deal with the diagnoses. List of diagnoses: prematurity of 32 weeks, Perinatal lesions of the Central nervous system, acute period, severe course, vegetovisceral syndrome, and much more. Up to one year, we conducted all rehabilitation activities at home, as Vladik was very ill. During the first three years of life, we were examined in SRCH n.a. V.D. Seredavin, rehabilitation reacenter «Svetlyachok» in Novokuibyshevsk twice a year, rehabilitation in the State hospital No. 2 (sanatorium «Volzhskie Zori») twice a year, were observed and treated by various specialists, including neurologists, osteopaths, manuals... Did physical therapy both independently and with the help of doctors, applied massages, acupuncture, heat treatment and so on. They used a lot of medications and injections. Next – classes in the «Adele» costume with a specialist, then at home. There wasn't a day that we didn't go somewhere and do something. The result of three years: in a year we were diagnosed with cerebral palsy (GMFCS II), in two years GMFCS II-III, in three years the diagnosis was as follows: cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia, GMFCS III-IV. Despite our best efforts, we made our way to the wheelchair. Yes, there were results. Vlad learned to crawl on all fours uncertainly, stand at the support if you put him, but at the same time could not sit on his own. As he grew, all the skills went away, and he had to make more and more effort. We refused from the surgery constantly, although there were indications for it when we were two years old. I was looking for ways to avoid the surgery and long-term consequences. Once again, in search of a «magic pill» on the Internet, ready to go anywhere, I came across the website of the center «Poidu Sam» in Samara. I studied it and the VKontakte group. I tried to work out according the site at home. In two weeks, we managed to seat Vladik without a back. Not perfect, but still. And we went there right away. During the year of rehabilitation in this center, we have passed all the stages of formation that we could not pass in the previous three years. The exhausting trips to various specialists have ended, and we have stopped taking medications that were previously prescribed by handfuls of doctors. A system, a well-formed way of life, stages, an understanding of what we were doing, and competent specialists. The result was not long in coming. Now Vlad knows how to walk in orthoses and orthopedic shoes. The next stage is walking barefoot. I didn't even think that this could happen. There is no limit to happiness. I would like to say a huge thank you to the Muromov family and the entire staff of the center «Poidu Sam»! You not only give hope, you bring it to life!

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Ekaterina Kirshina

We have been working out with Mikhail-Ekaterin at the «Poidu Sam» center for two years. The results were visible immediately after the first course. The work started with the first section of the methodology. Mikhail-Ekaterin learned to hold his head, turn over from his back to belly, and turn around on his belly. After three and a half months of training, we army-crawled. A year later, we were crawling on all fours. Now he stands on high knees near the support. Performs the «Sagittarius» exercise, sits in the «Buddha» and «snake». Learning to stand on legs on the «goat». The technique of Dmitry Sergeevich Muromov and Elena Nikolaevna is unique, clear, understandable, and effective. The exercises are selected so that they are easy to perform at home with a child. The main thing – at the initial stage, study the site «Poidu Sam» thoroughly and follow the doctor's recommendations. In the center, the child receives comprehensive development during rehabilitation courses. Engaged in speech therapy with Natalia Valerianovna. After her speech therapy massage and recommendations, my son learned to chew, pronounce the first sounds and words. After reflexotherapy massage Irina Veniaminovna decreased spasticity, and my child became more active. Procedures on the «Carbonik» breathing simulator improved the overall health condition. And in one of the offices, Mikhail-Ekaterin hurries across the corridor and crawls himself. He works out with the speech pathologist Alisa Vladislavovna, combining his development methodology with the methodology of Dmitry Sergeyevich. Classes are held in therapeutic positions and play form, developing the intellectual capabilities of the child. There are also group classes aimed at the formation of sound perception and socialization of the individual. The musical director Lyubov Ivanovna gives a lot of joy. After a hard day at the center, Mikhail-Ekaterin goes to a fairy-tale room where an interactive sandbox and a floor with a starry sky are waiting for him... And there is still a lot of interesting things to do together in the center «Poidu Sam». P.S. Before classes in «Poidu Sam» in the first year of life, the child was very heavy. I don’t want to remember the forecasts of other doctors and terrible diagnoses. Because... a new life has begun with «Poidu Sam»!

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