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Dear friends!

Our website allows you to practice using the method of Dmitry Muromov from anywhere in the world. At the same time, we understand that communication with the doctor can not be replaced by audio-visual content for 100% and should also be available to all patients from different cities and countries. For this reason, we introduce video consultations with Dmitry Sergeevich. They are particularly relevant for those who have just started their acquaintance with our method and do not live in Samara, but already need a doctor's comment and assessment. This option is also very useful for patients who have already passed full-time rehabilitation courses with us, but in between, they want to get clarifications and, if necessary, adjustments to their work with the help of Dmitry Sergeevich.

All the details, as well as the appointment for a video consultation, are carried out by phone during a personal conversation with the Director of the center Elena Nikolaevna Muromova.
You can call during the working hours at 8 (917) 106-35-40. You can also make a call via Viber.

If you were unable to reach us for some reason, please fill out the feedback form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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